Why Wyatt **Justin** Gollehon

I’m going through a bunch of old boxes scanning keepers for posterity. One interesting item is a journal from 10th grade writing class. Why certain entries exist is foggy. Some seem assigned. Others seem random.

A particularly emotional entry is found on Tuesday September 27th, 1993. 😢


I’ll never forget August 26th, 1988.
The day you were born
so wonderful and great.
Friends, relatives, and some acquaintances too,
all went to see the beautiful you.
The day you came home
I and my sister were there.
Like a second set of parents,
we truly loved and cared.
The first few weeks you woke me out of bed.
All that crying
wanting to be changed and fed.
Mommy would satisfy all your milky needs
though it surely was a pain.
And each day we couldn’t believe
all the weight that you would gain.
You were always happy wherever you were or went.
What a great gift to us God has sent.
That’s the hardest part of it to get through.
I would understand more if you had a disease
or were sick with the flu.
You were sound asleep on Sunday night,
but Monday morning things didn’t seem right.
And ever since that mournful morning, they haven’t.
 November 7th, 1988, God took my baby brother.
For what reason, I do not know.
I will miss you forever,
my beautiful and only little bro.

It's pretty amazing, exactly 20 years later, August 26, 2008, Wyatt was born.
Wyatt JUSTIN Gollehon.